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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

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Are you struggling to understand why the garage door doesn't open or close? If you wonder about several issues related to your overhead door, from service to maintenance and accident prevention, and you seek concise solutions, check below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Should I get an insulated garage door?

If you are about to replace the existing garage door, it's preferable to get an insulated one. Energy efficient doors are great for both hot and cold climates since they keep the indoor temperatures intact and don't allow to outside cold air drafts or heat to enter the garage. Get a high R-value (around R-12 to R-17) and prefer polyurethane insulation materials, since they can be spread between panels better and attach to the entire inner skin of the door providing higher energy efficiency.

Why do some garage doors have two torsion springs?

Average sized residential garage doors don't need more than one torsion spring unless they are particularly heavy. Two torsion springs are usually installed for two-car doors, which are wider, larger and heavier by nature. Though, if you want to keep the door from collapsing should the springs snap while it's open, our specialists recommend installing two torsion springs. The two of them provide greater safety.

Do I need a garage door with wind load reinforcement?

Such doors are designed to be used in areas with high winds such as those where hurricanes are a prevalent issue. The precise requirements that have to be met are stated in your local building codes. In some cases, it is possible for existing units to receive wind reinforcement with struts and with other improvements.

Should I get belt or chain opener drive?

The choice is ultimately up to you, but also it may also depend on the requirements of your specific garage door. For heavy ones, our professionals in Jacksonville suggest chain drive openers, although belt drive openers would do for most doors as well. If you want silent operation, get belt drive motors.

Should I invest in a fancier garage door opener?

An investment in a more effective and more durable opener will certainly pay off, according to our experts. Some features such as rolling code technology, a backup battery and a more powerful light are also worth the extra money as they can be quite useful, especially in dangerous situations.

What can I do to maintain my garage door?

Our experts recommend that you perform some easy maintenance on your door by making good use of lubricants. Make sure that the door’s hinges, rollers and tracks are all lubricated properly to extend their lifespan. Every once in a while you may also want make sure that it's still capable of utilizing its entire range of motion, opening and closing all the way.

What are the basic characteristics of modern openers?

Modern electric garage door openers comply with the 1993 regulations of UL 325. They also have a number of supplementary features including alerts to notify you about the status of the door, time to close systems if you forget the door open, light motion detectors so that you won't walk in the dark and you can also add backup batteries and internet access devices so that you can control the system from a distance.

What's wrong with my remote? It won't work

The first and most basic troubleshooting for this problem is checking the batteries. If there is a need, it is important to replace the batteries as it is the only solution to this type of problem. In addition, according to our professionals, you can also make sure that the opener is working from the wall button.

Can I enjoy a cool summer in my garage?

The secret lies with your garage door. You must get it ready for the summer with the installation of garage door windows, a new bottom seal and proper insulation. This way, you can enjoy good temperatures, get some light in, and avoid a bit of not all of the stuffy humidity.

How to protect the garage door from the winter?

You must maintain them properly beforehand, inspecting every inch and having a technician apply any necessary repairs. You must also clean the tracks well and insulate them, and you must also not forget to replace the bottom seal, which will protect the garage from the cold.


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