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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

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Suggestions About Garage Doors and Maintenance

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Care to find out how to take care of your garage door? Here you will find some smart suggestions and advice on garage door repairs. Check out how doors are maintained in good condition and how you can prevent problems which jeopardize your safety. Great ideas, simple solutions.

Take care of the opener chain

Chain drive garage door openers are ideal for even the heaviest doors but overtime the chain will require some adjustments and lubrication. Lubrication maintenance could be done when the other parts are lubricated too. The chain will need adjustment when it sags. There is a special adjustment switch, which is also useful when the chain comes off the gears.

Make sure the sensors are aligned

Due to their position, garage door opener sensors could be easily pushed and wires could be pulled off the terminals. In such cases, they won't work and your safety will be at a higher risk should anything happen to the springs while the door is open. If you stand under the door when it's descending, it won't stop! Clean the sensor lenses, test that they work properly, and make sure they are aligned correctly.

Check the springs regularly

Although most garage door springs are manufactured to last for about 5 or 6 years, it's best for you to check and maintain them often. Bad weather conditions have bad effects on springs and daily use also reduces their quality. They must be adjusted often and our experts also suggest replacing springs before they snap. If they break while the door is open, the door will collapse. Even with the door shut, snapping springs can inflict serious property damage and severe injuries.

Automatic garage door safety

Always have a clear view of the entire garage area before operating it. Keep it safe for children by educating them on the dangers of a moving door. Do not leave remote controls where a child can reach it. Check the reversing feature of the opener regularly to make sure it hasn't jammed and is operating smoothly.

Buying garage doors

Choose the type you think is best for your area. Consider the design and color that matches the house or commercial complex. Get the most durable one so it will last longer. Security features must be in place. Insulated doors can save energy and money, so get them installed by our experts so it can fit perfectly. Make sure to consult a professional if you find yourself uncertain about which door will best suit your needs.

How to avoid rusty hinges

First of all, you can choose galvanized garage door hinges and avoid rusty components in the mechanism all together. Though, most galvanized garage door parts would still need lubrication maintenance for the avoidance of friction. If the hinges are made of plain steel, make sure to lubricate them often. If you see black dirt gathering around them, they start wearing down and it's time to replace them.

Check the sensors as often as possible

The door opener's sensors provide enhanced safety and must be checked frequently. It won't take time to see if the reverse mechanism works efficiently but this way you can ensure that no one will get trapped under it.

Replace springs before they break

Springs are extremely important for each garage door mechanism and ensure that the door will be moving properly without problems. All manufacturers give them five or six years of life but the experts of Garage Door Repair Jacksonville would recommend to proceed with garage door torsion spring replacement before the expiration date. In the meantime, you must lubricate and repair them to be safe.

Repainting is beneficial

Painting the panel of your garage door will certainly give a fresh look to your house but, most importantly, it will protect the door from elements and erosion. It is important to use quality products and powder coat is ideal. You must apply a layer of coating for protection before you apply the final color. Summer is usually the best season for this procedure.


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